Is Tobago an Island You Should Visit?

Tobago rarely visited country

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November 1, 2020

Tobago and Trinidad like many Caribbean islands, history is an explosion of colors and cultures.  

Just a few miles off the Venezuelan coast in the Caribbean Sea, the twin-island republic of Trinidad and Tobago is one of the Caribbean’s most diverse and underexplored destinations.

This twin-island republic boasts spectacular rainforests, waterfalls, savannahs, and reefs and the endless undeveloped beaches are some of the prettiest in the region.

It is also the home and heart of West Indian Carnival and the place where calypso, soca, and steel pan music were invented.

Tobago is rich in natural wonders and immaculate white-sand beaches.

Food in Trinidad and Tobago

Trinidad and Tobago have a unique blend of African, Indian, Chinese, European, and Latin American influences offering a fantastic cuisine.

Trinidad and Tobago offer the best street food in the Caribbean. You can find Indian specialties to gyro wraps, fried chicken, and roti. The vendors practice stringent hygiene and eating out should not constitute health risks.

The most popular street food to try is Doubles, Corn Soup, Pholourie, Coconut Jelly, Aloo Pie and Saheena, Chicken Roti, and Buss-up Shot, Souse, Bake and Shark, and Chow. 


When a country boasts the world’s first legally protected forest (the Tobago Main Ridge Forest Reserve, established in 1776), you expect to find many protected creatures, too.

Over 3,000 species inhabit the two islands, making Trinidad & Tobago the most biodiverse country in the Caribbean.


The Trinidad and Tobago slang dates to the days when British sailors took their leave in port towns.

Everyone knew the Brits ate limes to keep away scurvy, and supposedly, this citrus scent followed them into every bar and brothel they frequented.  

Any time two or more people hang out in good spirits, they’re liming.


Natives are proud of their smooth speech and quick to point out that it’s the easiest to understand.

Not like those speed-talking Barbadians, or the Jamaicans with their indiscernible language.

Find Inner Peace

Trinidad and Tobago offer a wonderful mosaic of religious diversity with large and active Christian, Muslim, and Hindu faith communities.

The Hindu temples, Dattatreya and Temple in the Sea on Trinidad are open to the public and are striking. Both temples offer a peaceful atmosphere for contemplation. 

Hike a Waterfall 

Hiking through the rainforest is pleasurable, but hiking a waterfall is a delightful experience. 

Trinidad is full of hidden waterfalls.

On Tobago, follow the lush tropical forest to the island’s highest waterfall, the Argyle. This waterfall is 175 feet high.


The original flakey Asian pastry is popular throughout the region. Yet Trinidad and Tobago’s version, introduced by Indian workers in the mid-1800s, makes the original dish look like boring dough.

Double the size, flood with roasted vegetables and ground split peas, wedge in hunks of meat still attached to the bone, and you’ve got the world’s greatest stuffed meal since The Taco.

There are other Trinbagonian specialties (Creole chocolate, the world’s impossibly hot Moruga Scorpion pepper, and the fried bread ‘bake’ in assorted forms) but nothing infuses you with more heavenly satisfaction than a bite of roti.

Lastly, those deadly things in other places – malaria, venomous spiders, large predators, holes in the ozone layer – don’t exist here.

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